How Can I use Intagram to Grow My Business?

You may ask why should I be using Instagram to grown my business? Well according to stats Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with 150 million monthly active users. Did you know that about 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day, while 35% visit multiple times a day?


Now that you have seen the numbers and understand just how valuable of a tool Instagram is, you will have a more enthusiastic approach towards using it. It is important to have clear strategies and actions that you will take when using Instagram to grow your business. It is a perfect platform to visually connect and engage with people.


First establish what is your brands vibe. Are you feminine, sporty or beachy? Take what you company is about and portray this through visual images. Your photos should go beyond the product and tell a story to engage the audience.


Make sure you connect all your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter so that when you share a post, it will automatically be posted to all other channels. People often get caught up worrying that everything they post has to be perfect, people can relate to smartphone photos. As long as your content is of interesting and visually stimulating just go with it.


Hashtags are important because they are what expose your content to a broader audience and help people find your business. Hashtags are used to be able to search for content within social networks and search engines, which gets your information out there to potential customers.


I cannot stress this enough, make sure you respond to comments because people love when they can engage with you, feel noticed and heard. Following people back and connecting with them on other social media platforms builds a further connection.


After initially getting going you will be able to establish what types of posts create the most engagement and what your audience wants. The more likes and comments you get on a post indicate greater interest.


To stay relevant,  like any social media platform it is important to stay consistent with posts so your audience remains engaged.


Good Luck and happy posting!


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